Friday, 5 June 2015

Clips & Phrases on the App Store on iTunes

We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download the free app Clips & Phrases by Masato Shinmachi, get iTunes now.

Free Download iTunes app Clips & Phrases on the App Store on iTunes. Let’s dwell into the much talk about App Store's; features considered must have for many. Ease of use, application varieties, app numbers, app categories and download cost are important determinants. The various App Stores are generally similar in functions which could be due to iTunes App Store leadership and influence. Blackberry App World seems a noteworthy challenger. Still, iTunes App Store's are on solid ground with more than 50,000 developers on its stable, don't you agreed? It is also worthy to highlight that App World is offering $1.99 for its cheapest applications while users of phone can download an application as low as $0.88 

My understanding of the business model at the moment on the iTunes App Store is that you only pay for the application once, and any upgrades to the application that is not deemed as a completely new application you will not be charged for. For a user that is nice to hear as in the early stages of application development for this new media platform there is often early bugs in the first releases of any application, and as developers get better at taking advantage of the Apple development platform, the apps will continue to evolve and get more advanced. 

Right now, the most significant threat to Apple's mobile app throne is Google's Android App Market. Threat may be slightly over stating the matter because Android only represents roughly 10% of the overall mobile application revenue, but they are growing. Google celebrated 20 billion Android Market (now titled Google Play) downloads this past December. Perhaps more importantly, they have been growing at a rate of one billion downloads per month since then. If those trends hold steady, Google Play could be celebrating its own 15 billion download milestone by year's end. 

If you have decided to create an application without programming experience, you need to hire a service provider. Consider hiring a freelancer who is experienced in similar work. Hiring an expert service provider is the first step of how to build a phone app without programming. One should go for hiring a freelancer instead of learning the coding language because it is a tedious process. Professionals spend several years to master the skill of writing codes and one cannot learn it overnight. 

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